Kittens of the Canadian sphinx on sale, Bambino kittens for sale:

If You choose a kitten, it can be reserved by paying a 50% from its cost. If You change your mind take a kitten-a Deposit is not refundable!

Sphynx female for sale!

All kittens of the Canadian sphinx leave our house imparted, accustomed to a toilet.

All ours? Kittens? Are under потронажемnursery FOR LIFE.

If you have chosen a kitten of the Canadian sphinx can reserve it, having brought the deposit, in size of 50% from its cost.

If you have changed the mind on what or to the reasons to take the kid the deposit does not come back.


PRICE IN kitten of a sphynx:

Or avaricious pays twice!

Better to pay once and get a healthy kitten sphynx than, save and then pay the vet. A look at the suffering of a kitten or most to suffer from his conduct. After all, the behavior of a sphynx kitten is almost entirely dependent on his or her treatment breeder, not the owner, whom he has got.

The price of the kitten depends on its class:

There are 3 classes:

1. Pet — Pets, only for the home, without the right to cultivation, and without pedigree. Pedigree can be issued after sterilization or castration of a cat.

2. Breed-only cats! breeding with pedigree. Cats Breed class does not exist! Only Pet (home) or the Show (for exhibition and breeding).

3. Show-show class. (The most expensive animals).

To me at the exhibition a young man approached and began asking why the price of a sphynx kittens so different. He said that he telephoned kennels and called just for the ads for the sale of kittens sphynx. Price called him from 300 dollars to 5000 dollars.

He could not understand why such a significant difference. We started arguing with him:
First, one has to purchase cat and the cat.
To grow them, feed, teach, take care. The cost of veterinary doctors.
Then the cost of show career. And exhibitions are not cheap (average 2,300 rubles a show).
Get the offspring. Properly grown, well fed quality feed, proglistogonit, graft imported vaccines …
How much does it cost? Apparently not cheap!

Feeding the kitten: Dry food — about 600 rubles. month.
Canned food — about 1200 rubles. month.
Filling — about 300 rubles a month.

Total: 2100 USD per month.
Immunisation in the State Veterinary Clinic with the issuance of veterinary passport-1100 rubles. 2 vaccinations.

After our conversation, the young man he asked me a question.
And as a sphynx kitten can cost 300 dollars and that will grow out of such a kitten??

Think carefully before making a final decision.
Proven and tested! The joy of what you saved on the price of a kitten you will not feel long, but regret that splurge and disappointed by the poor quality of the animal will suffer for years!