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Welcome to the website dedicated to unusual, charming, magical cats: Canadian Sphynx and Bambino.


Nursery ROYAL CAT is in Moscow.


Nursery ROYAL CAT in the program«BAMBINO».


These affectionate, loyal, murlychuschie, Hot, hairless unearthly creation will not leave you indifferent. Canadian Sphynx and Bambino never produce claws, do not shed or cause allergies. They get along well with other pets, dogs, love children. Once holding the sphynx hands you will not want to part with him.

Canadian Sphynx and Bambino, hairless cats. With the loss of fur, these cats have lost the ability to aggression.

This is very affectionate and loyal creatures. Very outgoing and inquisitive.

Sphynx are so clever creature, his intellect can be compared with intelligence three year old child.

I want to tell about her cat sphynx, home Jasmin. We used to communicate and understand each other. I tell my husband that we talk, he laughs. But it is tr

ue. I asked her, or something to tell her, and she answers me from his myaukaya-in response. Then he cocked his head fits and waits. And while I did not chmoknu in forehead would not leave.

And it removes the headache? As if «takes». Our «home doctor».

In April 2009 we had a sphynx cat, home Maybach.

Very kind and gentle fellow. Major and independent. But as soon as he gets on his hands soon melts. Purrs, head tosses a hand to his stroked and scratched behind the ear.

I never thought that cats won my heart.

I really fell in love with Sphynx and already can not imagine myself without them!

As we got Canadian Sphynx?

Since my childhood I suffer from allergies: pollen, on flowering poplar on wool cats.

I am primarily interested in the Sphynx lack of wool.

So I got my first Sphinx. And there is really no allergy, he did not call.

Later in the process of communicating with the cat, I realized that they are not evil, as I thought before, but rather kinder creatures on earth I have nev

And the attitude to children?

My baby (she was 3 years old) playing with the cat «twists» and «twisted» her from herself knelt down and playing with her «over bumps, into the hollow thump.»

In kindergarten, where my child goes, no one believes that in our house cats, in the absence of scratches on the hands of the child. They say that the kitten can scratch.

But the Canadian Sphynx never offend children!

At our house there are dogs, sphinxes, and charmed them. Lick his ears, noses and even sleep with dogs in some sunbeds.

And how they play together? Every time I laugh, watching this.

Sphinx, hugs his dog pens, I have not made a reservation, it handles, because so gently and carefully it looks that I can not say otherwise.

Canadian Sphynx us captivated!

So we decided to do a flaming breeding Sphynx and registered cattery in Nika Felina Center (WCA), WCF, Sphynx Center GRAND ORAY.

The main goal of our kennel is to get healthy, handsome, mentally balanced, fair sphynx!

We would like to thank the breeders of our sphynx: Helen Chernova, for their cooperation, advice and assistance.